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✅ Have a credit card that’s at least two years old and a clean credit history in the last year

✅ Learn about the procedures we teach in this ecourse & continue to evolve best practices in our online community which you will get access to

✅Want a simple way to get earn extra money!


✨ Step-by-step process on how to sell tradelines in a private membership site

✨ Bonus 1: Introduction to Tradeline Broker that we personally use

✨ Bonus 2: Tradeline Calculation Spreadsheet to keep track of your earnings and cards

✨ Bonus 3: Access to an exclusive tradeline group


What's It all about?

You can scroll through tons of websites or watch hours of videos out there, or you can save time and reduce the chance of making mistakes with this eCourse. The course provides all the knowledge you need in order to effectively sell tradelines. The content is always changing as new updates arrive and we find best practices in our private community.


"Tradelines are a great way to make a bit of extra cash, in fact I made over $10,000 in 2019 selling tradelines!"

Here’s what you get

First, you get instant access to my complete tradeline educational program which is organized by topics for quick reference and sequenced to start you at the basics of what tradelines are to how to sell them. Here are the goods:

Get the big picture of what tradelines are and what they’re used for

Learn how much you can make with Tradelines and how to scale your Tradelines to make even more money

Understand the risks involved with tradelines and the security measures to take

Tips and best practices for the various credit card issuers

Keep track of tradelines using spreadsheet provided – I’ll walk you through the spreadsheet

Choosing, adding, and removing authorized users to your tradelines

What you need to know when working with a tradeline company – I’ll give you a warm introduction to the company that I use

Access to an exclusive tradeline group where you can post questions and network with other people who are actively selling Tradelines

Learn more about Lane & his track record

How is this Affordable To Everyone


Tradelines are a form of active income, however the amount of work is minimal (around 1-2 hours per MONTH per credit card you use). The amount of money you make depends on the age of your credit card(s) and the credit limit (the higher the better). 

If you are consistent with the process taught in the eCourse, you can easily recoup the cost of this eCourse, especially if you’re making $5,000-$10,000 per year with this wealth hack!

Stop Analysis Paralysis

I created the Tradeline eCourse which organizes my research and experience. The course starts with the basics of tradelines and then gives you the step-by-step process on how to sell tradelines. 

You will also have access to a group of working professionals who are also going through the same experience. 

These tools will ease fears that lead to indecision so you can take action! 

Build your Network

The purpose of the exclusive tradeline group is so people can get feedback on questions, bounce ideas, keep up on the latest tradeline trends, and to make new connections! 

Get to know the other members (Tradeline Hackers), learn others best practices, and find out which tradeline companies (bonuses included) to use in eCourse!

Check out some of the posts from the tradeline group below to see what it’s all about! 


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