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“I was always frustrated by the numerous investing educational programs out there who gouged investors charging them $10,000, $25,000, even $40,000 dollars. Many of these people that I feel bad for could not afford these expensive coaching options and should have used it as a downpayment for the actual first investment.”

Lane Kawaoka, Organizer & Facilitator

A 1% sample of what is in the Incubator & Remote Investor eCourse:

What's Inside Remote Investor LITE Remote Investor eCourse Incubator Bootcamp
Money Myths & Remote Rental Video Trainings: 6+ Hours of Education 🎥
11 NEW Step-By-Step Modules in a closed membership site
2 BONUSES: Top 27 Online Recourses, Turnkey Spreadsheets, & MP3 download kit
Bi-weekly Zoom Video Calls (plus all private recordings)
Tax and Legal best practice walk-through in our 5 month program
Staffed membership coordinators for extra support to connect you with the right people in group (especially if you're shy)
Access to our ever-changing rolodex of top turnkey companies, brokers, property managers, and insurance companies

Remote Investor eCOURSE

What's It all about?

11 modules curated for the remote investor by Lane Kawaoka, an investor who built a $255 million dollar real estate portfolio which started with a single family home in 2009… All while working the day job as an Civil Engineer.

You can dumpster dive or other websites out there, but this course will provide and indexed road map to introduce concepts in the right order.

Stop Analysis Paralysis

Save time and know exactly where to invest. Stop going to data just to give yourself the warm and fuzzy.

If you have been kicking around the idea of real estate for at least 6 months. Don’t delay. If you have kids and/or a full-time job it’s a no brainer. A passive investor should not be wasting more than 4 hours a week on investing.

Stop the Daisy Chain

The buck stops here!

Do you find yourself trolling internet forums, free Facebook groups, and webinars that turn out to be 95% pitch fest?

To get the good stuff, you have to pay even more. Usually something like $25,000 or $40,000 a year (and get your butt on a plane)!

Yes, everything is out there on the internet, that’s what I did that got me to 11-units. But it took me from 2009 to 2015 to do it. I wasted the most precious resource of all! Time!

I try to not think of the money-wasting rookie errors I made along the way that slowed my progress.

Most of these pitfalls could not be addressed in a podcast, real estate book, or guru program because the game is constantly evolving. And this is why the Power-Calls and private investor group are such an important aspects of the incubator program.

The Modules

The Remote Investing Foundation Program has 11 modules of curated content for the working professional:


Learning the basics and prioritizing your goals

What Market to Invest in?

Get the criteria needed to choose the best city, neighborhood, and property

Deal Analysis

Learn all the metrics and how to use our proprietary property analyzer to filter deals

Vetting a Property Provider

What to look out for, how to find and vet turnkey providers 

Getting the Money for Your Deals

Financing your deal and how to find and vet lenders.

Home Inspections

Get the best practices for getting a home inspection. How to find and vet a good home inspector.

Rental Property Insurance

Know how much and what coverage you need for your rental property. How to find which insurance company to use

Managing the Property

How to deal with tenants and everything you need to know about property managers, how to find one and what questions to ask them. 

Filing Taxes

How to do your taxes to include write-offs and depreciation

Selling Your Properties

Understand all the exit strategies


Learn the long term growth strategy and how to scale after getting your first rental


You wouldn't go to a book club without reading the book. The reason why the lectures are included in both programs is to have insightful conversation on specific topics.

However, if you buy the eCourse and later decide you want to add on the Remote Investor Incubator, there will be an option to do so at a discounted price! 

Are you a positive, high performing individual who’s stuck at a full-time day job? If you answered YES, then it’s a match! We have helped hundreds of new investors like you buy remote investments. To give you the best chance for success, we have experienced mentors that will guide you along your journey, we will grant you access to our proven rolodex, and provide a peer group to assist with due diligence. Most lone wolfs out there typically take no action or end up getting burned by someone they met from a free real estate club or internet forum.

By joining our group of other busy professionals with heavy time constraints we help cut out the noise and have you focus on what really matters in terms of vetting your investment. While most people are spending hours every week listening to random podcasts and books discuss a multitude of strategies that don’t apply to the passive investor and most people giving up after 12-18 months of endless academic learning… Our bootcamp style will require a time commitment of 3-5 hours a week!

Yes of course! We encourage members to have family on the call as investing is a family affair. A lot of our members prefer the recordings on the calls on 1.5x-2.0x speed LOL. If you have a burning question that is where you really want to get on the live calls. We encourage members to interact on the calls as much as possible because it highlights yourself as an active member so others want to connect with you.

You can try and lone wolf the process, however there is an increased likelihood that you will make mistakes that will end up costing more than the amount you would’ve paid for these lectures and coaching! Not to mention, the countless hours you will spend trying to learn everything on your own or the time wasted not taking any action due to analysis paralysis. Instead, save your time and money working under our umbrella and start off by picking the right market, providers/brokers, best legal and tax practices, best national lenders/insurance agents, and not to mention not leaving anything on the negotiation table when closing your deal!

In the Incubator calls, we can help want you through an inspection report and help you come up with a game plan on how to optimize your negotiation and punch-list request.

Video's of real investors inspection report break downs:

Have you joined a program before and not completed it? Chances are "yes." Thus, if you opt in for the incubator program we will keep you accountable by setting you up with small peer groups so you can co-source due diligence and have a network of like-minded peers who will push you towards your goals!

We are not taking any sort of equity in your properties. You use your money and buy your own properties on you own 😁

Now that I think about it... these are the type of environments where I found a lot of the relationships and partners that I rely on today. Your network is your net worth! There is likely no better place to find other like minded professionals than this Incubator where are starting where you are at. If you that go it alone solo investor well you are not going to make it very far by yourself and it will be a boring and lonely journey.

I am sure some people would be interested in joining forces to joint venture to get into more deals for more diversifications. My advice is to start building organic relationships see where it goes. 

We have a semi-structured 5-month boot camp style format to take you from picking a market, to analysis, then deal acquisition process, and finally operation and beyond. If you want to move ahead that's great you will have full access to all the content!!! We recommend staying with the group because that is where you are going to have things to talk with the other members about. If as much learning and buying rentals as much as build a network of peer passive investors.

We have a 14-day money back guarantee.

The Bootcamp program is a community, separate video series of last Incubator calls, and our own LIVE bi-weekly calls with our Incubator group. It enhances what you get in the Remote Investor eCourse. See where you get with the eCourse and if you need the extra help with rolodex access and a peer group then that is when you sign up for the Incubator. We give you the guidance and accountability in the Incubator.

  • I learned so much about Real Estate and other investment firms.
  • I have gained a ton of knowledge and helped narrow my focus on what types of real assets I invest in. I have developed my own investing protocol, though it is always evolving to reflect new information and knowledge that I'm gaining from others. I have successfully deployed over $300,000 into single family homes, apartment syndications, and debt funds. I feel more confident in myself and my ability to gain financial freedom through investing in real assets.
  • I made a few key contacts.
  • I doubled my investment goals, learned a ton and (most important) found a community of like minded individuals that I can see being a part of for years to come.
  • I got closed on cash flowing rental property, got into one syndication and clarification of next goals Syndication.
  • I also got into the Sale of local rental property and purchase of remote rental properties.
  • The program is very good. No regrets. It is very difficult to be optimized for every person, goal and time in their life. I think you gave lots of opportunities and tools for people to learn and interact with the networking. If you demand a suggestion, maybe you could think about how to engage people to access the e-course, read plenty of your material in the portal and participate in the meeting discussions. Thank you very much for your support and dedication to help people.
  • I think the topic specific incubators are a great way to help people get their feed wet and then hopefully move on to broader topics or strategies. Mini-masterminds have potential as well, but we (and I) need to figure out how to get more people to actively engage and share.

An Overview of My Turnkey Holdings

Here’s a quick summary of some of the properties I sold. NOI is the net operating income is calculated by the rent minus expenses (maintenance/repairs, property tax, insurance, property management fees, etc.) NOTE that the ROI shown below does not include capital gains tax, tax deductions, broker commissions, etc. to simplify things.

I purchased and sold these properties between 2013 – 2020 and geographically they are spread through Georgia, Indianapolis, and Birmingham.

From Past Incubator Clients

Other Real Life Testimonials

I picked up my first turnkey rental in Birmingham early this year and so far it has been going great. The property management company that you recommended has been doing a fine job and it has been almost no hassle for me. You're the first person who really connected with me on the "passive" concept (i.e. not a second job).

-Kurt, Civil Engineer

John - A real life Incubator Student now in the Mastermind

Financial-Need Discount

I started this blog/podcast to help the shrinking middle-class families – good people who followed the linear path of getting a career only to live a life of “quiet desperation” – a term coined by Henry David Thoreau.  I don’t want to make this about money for those who don’t have it. It’s about choosing to get off autopilot and leveling the playing field.

5%-10% discount for teachers, military, nurses, basically people who went put in the hard work and subsidize society.


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