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What We Do

Follow Lane Kawaoka's strategic process and leverage his rolodex and relationships to provide you with a passive investment vehicle.

We specialize in helping our clients purchase investment properties that provide a positive cash flow after all expenses are paid. Our goal is to provide our clients with enough passive cash flow to cover all of their expenses and replace their day job and the freedom to do what they want, with whom they want, when they want. 

Buy / Invest

Buy single family and multifamily real estate and invest in other real estate based assets.

Increase Value

Add forced appreciation value through renovation, leasing, management, operational efficiencies, due diligence and investment planning.

Passive Cash Flow

Provide passive cash flow real estate that enables financial freedom for ourselves and our investors. Appreciation is the icing on top of the cake.

Why Crowdfund Aloha

We seek out stabilized, quality investments that are designed to weather tough economic times. Our investments are not luxury developments that get killed in a recession but assets that are utilized by the lower-middle class of America.

Sourcing Quality

Quality investment vehicles investors can rely on to produce consistent monthly cash flow.

Due Diligence

We do the homework on the people and the numbers. We invest alongside investors.

Help Investors

We offer holistic wealth building education and consultations to guide you to financial freedom.


A full investment analysis on every opportunity tailored to the investor’s individual investment philosophy.

The Process

Help Investors

Meet Lane to build a relationship with him and develop your strategy.


Review investment options and due diligence. Get educated.


Choose to partner on a new cash flowing investment.


Your investment is watched by a professional management team.and boots on the ground asset management partner.


Acquire more deals to increase your cashflow while diversifying in different asset classes, operators, and geographical areas.


Collect your cash flow checks and you are on your way to financial freedom.

We are Real people... Let's Connect!

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