​The Best Investment Education Is Now Available To You
​​At An Incredible Price...

I was always frustrated by the numerous investing educational programs out there who gouged their investors charging them $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, even $40,000 dollars. Many of these people that I feel bad for could not afford these expensive coaching options and should have used it as a downpayment for the actual first investment.


What's that all about?

The Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow is a brand-new concept in real estate education.

It’s not just a lame online course, it is a orientation of over 200 modules curated for the passive investor and real bi-weekly calls with Lane Kawaoka, an investor who built a $255 million dollar real estate portfolio which started with a single family home in 2009… All while working the day job as an Civil Engineer.

Plus you get to join an intimate community of other investors that are going through the same program in real time. Collaborate with others, trade notes, make partnerships, or just build friendships. It all beginnings in this Simple Passive Cashflow ecosystem!

You will get the resources, tools, and ongoing support to become the best passive investor.


Here’s what you get

First, you get instant access to my complete passive investor educational program… organized by topics for quick reference and sequenced to start you at the basics and through a deal and ultimately building a financial legacy. Here are the goods:

Learn the hacks high paid working professionals employ
Source, analyze, and close on single family home rentals
Structure your portfolio to replace your income quickly and leave the rat race behind.
Cut out the noise that plague the education out there for broke people. This is investing you need some money to invest… if you don’t have any and not financially solvent we can’t help you!
Do financial analysis – I’ll walk you through the math and spreadsheets
Get to ask questions while going through a transaction and due diligence before you close.
Unlock my rolodex to get the best lenders and providers I trust and like
Understand how to scale up to private placements for a more mature portfolio diversified in different markets, partners, assets, and business plans
Legacy planning, trust setup, and structuring of future deals
Simple Passive Cashflow is about telling it like it is while giving you the big picture
Overcome your analysis paralysis, by making you take concrete action.
Get the Confidence, by having a mentor by your side
Build the right Mindset, by surrounding you with a supportive community of investors who are of similar professional pedigree
An instructor-led community, where you have direct access to me – not some “coach” you’ve never heard of before – through our live bi-monthly Q&A calls. Calls will be centered around two topics 1) Guiding to acquire your rental 2) Syndications and Other Wealth building concepts
An authentic coach not afraid to admit mistakes or compromise with students individual needs. It’s all about getting the best for each of you.
A free private Facebook community where you can network with me and your fellow students.
Access to all future program upgrades

How is this Affordable To Everyone


Real estate gurus are famous for charging $20,000, $30,000 and even $40,000 or more. It costs $8,000 to work with me one-on-one. But I realize that is not for everyone.

I’m going to blow the socks of any program out there by the following…

  • Cost - Lower the price of my program
  • Experience - Give you direct access to me to answer your questions

Only 10 Founding Memberships

(out of 30 membership slots) Are Available! Before The Doors Close.

The limited opportunity to join Simple Passive Cashflow Journey as a Founding Member for only $947 for access to the members site and course content and $47 a month for access to the bi-weekly group power calls.

By joining the waitlist today, you have the chance to become a Charter Member at a special low price of just $47 a month. And you will be locked into this low price for as long as you’re a member.

They Won’t Open Again Until July 2019, When The Price Goes Up

Why am I doing it this way?

There are two reasons.

First, this is a brand-new program. While my content and methods are proven, the membership-site designed to minimize the clutter and facilitate active discussion in the bi-weekly power calls will take time to ramp up.

I please to infuse sweat equity in the beginning by making sure everyone is satisfying by going 110% on the closed group page and power calls.

I want to give great care to starting the right culture by assembling a limited group of enthusiastic and dedicated students who are excited to start learning together.

Founding members will have the first change to become SPC Nation ambassadors. We are the ones who set the tone and culture for all future members.

In return for your trust and help as a Founding Member, I am offering special one-time pricing on this program. So, you get $47 a month forever, rather than the regular price of $97 a month. That’s nearly 50% off the regular price.

We need enough people to join initially to make a valuable community for you. But not so many as to overwhelm a new system. So I have capped the Founding Membership at 10 spots because I have already a bunch of commits to the program who have been loyal followers since 2016.

Here’s the second reason.

I have received hundreds of emails since starting the “off-the-wall” podcast in 2016. This program has been a long time in the beginning.

Check out the real life testimonials.

Only One Chance To Get The Special Founders Membership Price.

And Only One Way To Get It.

There will be one – and only one – opportunity to get the Founders Member price.

You won’t learn about that opportunity on my podcast. Or in my free Facebook group (seperate yourself from the freebie crowd). Or on my general email list.

You will only be notified of your chance to obtain the one-time $47 a month Charter Membership price if you join the waitlist.

Don’t miss your chance to lock in huge 31% savings!

Be sure to join the waitlist now.

Why the Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow
is for the working professional

Over the years, so many people have come to me overwhelmed, overloaded, and confused.

They get confused by the noise of wholesaling, flipping, and other scammy programs out there.

Let me be clear… If you are broke, don’t have a job, and in credit card debt… I cannot help you!

But if you are a hard working professional who realizes that the Wall Street options out there is just one big scam to keep you working for 40-50 years then follow me on this journey to financial freedom.​

I was just like you going to college, to get a good job as an engineer, only to be treated like another number.

I started investing in 2009 with a single family home rental and grew that to 11 rentals in Birmingham, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Pennsylvania in 2015. It took me a long time to get there and I can speed that up for you with less risk and time.

I then paid over $50,000+ to join a bunch of masterminds where I go into the room with much higher level people than myself and say how this real game was played.

Why do 90% of investors only have one rental property to their name? Because they are doing it all wrong.

This is where my mentoring will take you from 25 miles an hour to 80 miles per hour!

From 2015 to 2018 I went from 11 units to over 2,100 units that are cashflowing, diversified assets, and with forced appreciation.

Weather you are just getting started or have a bunch of units to your name, I will take you to the next level, quicker with less risk, and we will have fun doing it with other cool people.

​If you feel overwhelmed by all the information out there, the Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow will help you finally understand how it all fits together. If you are still loss just ask a question on the next bi-weekly power call.

Stop Analysis Paralysis

Save time and know exactly where to invest. Stop going to data just to give yourself the warm and fuzzy.

The rubber meets the road in knowing not only where to invest but who to invest with. With the Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow you unite with 30 other cohorts and have a dynamic masterminding environment (not to mention a few more Facebook Like cheerleaders)!

Stop the Daisy Chain

The buck stops here!

Do you find yourself trolling internet forums, free Facebook groups, and webinars that only turn out to be 95% pitch fest?

To get the good stuff, you had to pay even more. Usually something like $25,000 or $40,000 a year (and get your butt on a plane)!

The Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow is the most cost effective program to give you most of what you need at a fraction of the price while connecting you with the network.

Yes, everything is out there on the internet, that’s what I did that got me to 11-units. But it took me from 2009 to 2015 to do it. I wasted the most resource of all! Time!

I try to not think of the money-wasting rookie errors I made along the way that slowed my progress.

Most of these pitfalls could not be addressed in a podcast, real estate book, or guru program because the game is constantly evolving. And this is why the Power-Calls is such an important aspect of the program.

Build your Tribe

I created the Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow which elegantly organizes my experience (most of which I have forgotten along the way), combines that with the group coaching format and collaborative community.

The on-boarding of the community is my comprehensive eight-module program. This minimized the “dumb” questions because let’s face it there are dumb questions… and allows us to have better conversations on our Power-Calls with more intelligent participants.

The devil is in the details. We will start with the basics in order to to understand the nuances.

Every deal has different issues. Unexpected things come up. And the market is constantly changing.

So, I don’t just stop with the basic course. It’s supported by regular live Q&A sessions with me. And it’s followed up with monthly content updates. And it comes with an engaged community of fellow investors who are also learning and contributing to the community’s knowledge.

Look, I don’t want you to stay in the group forever. We will have to make room for other people but likely will want to keep paying your locked in monthly rate to stay in because of the high quality group of people. This will be your support system, and reference library as your grow your real estate empire.

I welcome your input to create an alumni network of some kind for the (non-freebie) side of SPC Nation.

I hope this can be the start of a future relationship where we can help each other as peers one day. In fact, this is where many of my deals have come from like my 168-Unit Apartment deal in Fort Worth we closed in late 2018.

If you have not read between the lines this is my cheat way of getting to know people for their true person and see who has commitment, competence, and character.

The Modules

The Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow has 26 and counting modules focusing on on the basics so our community is all on the same page.


Introduction to the “Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow”

Seeing the Matrix

You will know why the middle class is shrinking and what you can do to continue your same standard of living

About Me

Learn about my background and why I have the formula for high paid working professionals to escape the rat race

30,000 foot view part 1

You will understand real estate investing and all the options. We will cut through the noise and identify what are the best options for the high paid professional
30,000 foot view Part 2
Continuation with the addition of downloadable tools
A free special gift
Learn the hacks high paid working professionals employ
You will get to know the basics of what every investor needs to know without reading a gazillion books or going through hours of boring podcasts
In-Field Experience
A guide to effectively network and build your investor circle
2018 Trends
Source, analyze, and close on single family home rentals
Buying a Rental Property Part 1: Acquisition
Start shopping for deals and refine your criteria to be able to spot out your next addition to your growing portfolio
Buying a Rental Property Part 2: Lending
You can’t buy anything and use leverage effectively if you don’t know the basics of using the bank to your advantage.
Buying a Rental Property Part 3: Operation
Congratulations you are a rental property owner but that’s only half the battle. Now we focus on managing the manager so we can optimize our returns.
Buying a Rental Property Part 4: Mentorship/Networking
You net worth is your network. Don’t be that guy who repels help and good ideas and the last person to hear of the latest trends or work with bad vendors.
Half-Way Point!
Build your portfolio with the end in mind and with a holistic approach
Syndications + Apartments Part 1
Understand why most sophisticated investors scale up to larger investments
Syndications + Apartments Part 2
Find out how you can get access to deals once only accessible to the wealthy within the country club
Investor Mindset
Once you get started you realize that the possibilities are endless (I know it sounds cheesy but some people sign the front of the checks and some people sign the back)
Following up mindset the limiting factor might be the fact that you suck at getting things done. Here are some of the best tips to increasing your output and having more time to do what you want to do.
You will learn what you will need to know to prevent legal churn from a lawyer who does not know what they are doing
HELOCS / Refinancing
A great way to find lazy money to put to cashflowing rental real estate
1031 Exchanges
Don’t be fooled but this talked about tax strategy. It is often not what cutting edge investors use.
Got funds locked up in retirement funds? Lets free that lazy equity!
Life Insurance Banking
Its called life insurance but its use by the wealthy to bank from yourself and avoid taxes.
Other Financial Hacks
Other secrets I pick up by hanging out with wealthy people
Covering your assets
You will learn some ways to build legal protections around your financial empire


Get Group Lessons, Online Webinars & Practical Assignments All Included In Our Mastermind

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